Black Friday Deals at Smoker

Black Friday Deals at Smoker's Choice and Mr. B's
Friday, November 27, 2020

9am - 8pm Smoker's Choice Store
12pm - Midnight Smoker's Choice Bar
7am - Midnight Mr. B's

Come to Smoker's Choice or Mr. B's this Friday and get some great deals on cigars and drink:

-Bar Side Cocktails $2 off
-Beers $2.50
-Draft $6.50
-Bourbon $1.50 off
-Vodka $1.50 off
-Rum $1.50 off
-15% off on 20+ cigar purchases over $4.99/cigar
-20% off on 2 box discount
-10% off on 15 cigars

So grab your friends and come over and enjoy!
See you then and stay smoky!

Your friends at Smoker's Choice and Mr. B's

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